The Medical Device markets in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and Turkey

To most American and European device companies are as exotic and unfamiliar and perhaps even as intimidating as it gets. Given the complicated geopolitical nuances and many challenges involved in doing business in these markets, MENA is not on the short list of most executives as a desirable business opportunity to pursue. However, if navigated properly, this region can be a very attractive.

In recent years, well established multinationals have began to focus their attention on this region. MENA represents one of the few market opportunities in the health care arena that is both significant in size and growth. In countries where market size and revenue potential justifies, multinationals typically establish direct operations. In smaller markets companies tend to work through local distributors. The path to going direct is typically purchasing an existing distributor that has grown the business to a critical size.

Whether you go direct or decide to work through a distributor, there are many challenges in Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa Region.

MECANA region has always been a challenge for Principle Suppliers because of:

• The different market sizes within the region

• Geographical size

• Variations in healthcare systems from country to country

• Cultural variances

• Time differences

• Issues relating to the choice of the right local distributor for the relevant products in each market.

Knowledge of Local Health Care Systems:

As health care is provided under different umbrellas and systems in each country of the MECANA region, Access Medical has detailed knowledge of "How" health care is provided in each and every country in Middle East and North Africa; thanks to the long term experience of our team in this region.

in participating in the MENA markets. The major misperception about the MENA region is that it is a homogeneous market. Although it is true that Islam is the most prevalent religion and Arabic the most spoken language in this region, the similarities end right there. It needs to be mentioned that people of Turkey and Iran, the largest markets in this region, don’t even speak Arabic. Even countries that are Arab speakers have their own local cultural nuances.

In regards to market size, countries in this region can be categorized into three distinct market segments

Large, medium and small. When it comes to devising a strategy for entering these markets, size segmentation along with the ease of doing business and expected margins should be a part of the analyses that will determine the priority and focus of attention that each market deserves…

Young companies tend to enter the MENA markets without deliberate intention and as the opportunities present themselves. Yielding to a random potential distributor’s requests to represent the company in a particular country is typically how many companies gradually find themselves involved in some or all of the MENA countries. This is perhaps the first and the biggest mistake a newcomer can make. Partnering with the wrong distributor can cost direly in terms of wasted investment, lost opportunities and time. Additionally, it can take a lot of time and money to try and end an unsuitable partnership. It is interesting to note that many companies make this mistake again and again. Do your homework, choose your distributor’s carefully! It can cost you if you ignore this simple rule.

Why should you consider Access Medical as your partner in the MENA region?

Here are a few reasons why Access Medical should be your first choice as a partner:

1 - Access to the entire region all at once

2 - Access to years of experience and team of professionals who can quickly   and positively establish your brand name in the region

3 - Access to sales, marketing and logistical infrastructure at no extra cost to    you

4 - Access to financial risk management

Make Access Medical, your preferred Gateway to MENA and Turkey